Being Human: Honesty

Fake News, it’s all FAKE NEWS.

That’s all we seem to be hearing at the moment, we don’t know who to trust therefore part of our future evolution as humans means we won’t trust anyone, ever.

I wonder if we are already there.

We have Trump clearing lying about everything, we have Brexit with both parties scaring us s*^tless. We have news channels making things up, we have bias newspapers, we have experts giving us their opinions and not the facts and we have Facebook.

Ah, Facebook. The place to put your smiley face when all that’s deep in side you is how about you’re ever going to cope in the world of lies. Ah, Facebook, where a lovely pouty photo hides how little you really feel about your life and yourself and your worth.

We live in a world where everybody hides their true feelings and that is truly sad. We are social animals not social media animals. We have to be part of a group but by hiding within our minds we cannot gain any trust from those around us when we do eventually decide to open up.

Your life on social media is a lie and this is because we have to be the perfect size 10 in everything we do, we are not allowed to step out of the perfect bubble for fear of being tarnished a freak.

You know what, I’m a freak, I’m flawed, there I’ve said it. I’m not perfect, in my soul I’m kind and happy but of course, I’m flawed.

I should have fought for my children, I should have been more understanding, I made a massive mistake and should have done more.

There, you all know, does that make me bad? Or just stupid at one point in my life? Should I have held that in my mind to let it fester? No, but I have chosen to open up and let you all know. Do I feel good about myself about telling you? No, that is not the intention. Will I make amends one day? You bet ya!

The intention is to show all the people that I know and all I will meet in the future that I am honest and open, there is nothing off limits, you can ask me anything about my life and you’ll get an honest answer. You can ask me the same question in 10 years time and you’ll get the exact same answer because the truth will always be the truth.

The brilliant Mark Twain once said ‘always tell the truth, that way you have to remember nothing.’

How true is that? And what a brilliant way to release the burdens we all carry in our minds, those burdens, that will get heavier and heavier, more worrisome and which will drag you down the pit of self loathing.

Having flaws is nothing to be ashamed of, we are all flawed, every single one of us is a flawed human being, we are something wonderful if we decide we want to listen to ourselves and not to be ashamed of being judged.

Fat, thin, black, white, stupid or educated, we all have flaws and the moment we realise this the quicker we decide that we can open up the world to honesty and with honesty we can do anything, everything that is thrown at us, forevermore.

Now I’m the first to help anyone in need and I’m blessed with friends and family who will try to beat to be first, but, here’s the kicker, we live in a world where the young (and the not so young), need so much help that their problems get passed onto those who care, a mother, a father, a friend, without any effort to solve the problem themselves.

This is not their fault, we have a society where we are judged at every turn. Too fat, too poor, too rich actually (you’re labelled as evil if you’re rich), too spotty, too smelly, too thin, too everything.

During my school days being judged by your friends began and ended at the school gates. Nowadays it follows the young. Twitter, TV, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram never, ever, leave us alone.

Hands up, how many of you just have to watch the latest episode of some such through fear of not being able to talk about it in your groups of friends the next day? Is this because you don’t want to feel stupid or is it a fear of being an outsider? Even if just for a day.

Here’s my take on it.

Who give a flying crap?

Imagine this. You haven’t seen the latest show, you meet up with friends that have, you cover you ears and la la la la, you are asked why? You tell them, they try to tell you about the show with a smile on their face, you la la la some more but laughing this time.

You all end up laughing and this my friends is exactly what life’s interactions is about.

It all starts and ends with honesty but the lack of fear at your failings, the failings we all have and which bind us all, is most important too.

What was it about those without sin may cast the first stone? Those without flaws just simply doesn’t exist.

I have used Facebook for many years now, but, what you’ll find there will be one big mickey take of myself, and of course, others too.

It has been and always will be honest. I have been told by my family members not to wash my dirty laundry in public and you know what? I will ALWAYS do that.

And once we all start telling each other that we are frail but strong, flawed but willing to improve, have done wrong but plan to do good from this moment on, the better the word will be and the more of a true social animal the human race will become.

Be honest world, even if you don’t want to hear it be honest and receive honest opinions about yourself, we, every single one of us need it.


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