Writing and Art: My first children’s book

Who’d have thought it? The magic third book, the one that is supposed to launch a writing career, is a children’s book.

Well certainly not me, you see, I hate the little blighters (actually I don’t, that bit was for comedic effect).

The third book was supposed to be The Cross on the Skyline, Patrick Teller’s supernatural thriller, book 2, (only three chapters left of that, so worry not Teller fans) but then I went a got myself an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and a little app called Autodesk Sketchbook, all of which are wonderful things.

Then, I did a doodle, just to see what these three elements and I could do.

10 days later and I have my first children’s book, Me, You and the Blue Gnu.

Here are some visuals, the text needs tweaking and once that happens, vroom, off to New York with the Patrick Tellers, and who knows after that?

Still, watch out for more, and mind those Blue Gnus.


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