Why the long face?

I’m a entrepreneurial kinda guy, I was once described by my old boss at Fujifilm, Tony Lawrence, that I enjoyed the thrill of the chase, and I guess that’s true, I do, and what with meeting a very good friend of mine, a real entrepreneur Maurice Collins, who has encouraged, flattered and inspired me, I reckon that statement has never been truer.

Those of you who have been following me on social media may have wondered why a billion, ok I exaggerate, a trillion, images of animals have recently appeared, well here’s the answer.

I’m being entrepreneurial again.

Many of you know that I have been a professional photographer all of my life, well the last, soon to be, 38 years anyhoo. I write, novels that is, just six more chapters left on my latest tome, The Cross on the Skyline, then I can start my next with a brand new character Esme Stark called A Girl and the Gods Below…anyway I digress.

I adore music of all kinds, from Chris Moss Acid to Old Wolfy (Mozart that is), and the Testbourne School performance School of Rock made me teary-eyed, again.

So I came to the conclusion that I’m a creative, I love the creative arts, photography, music, film, writing and now, of course art.

And here’s the thing, when you have a Maurice Collins OBE, pushing you forward and tweaking the world around for you, opening doors for you,, it’s difficult for you not to be entrepreneurial.

To the pictures.

Back in the sixties there was a cartoonist who drew the people of London, hippies, coppers, street vendors etc, Maurice has a collection which I have photographed for him. I mentioned that I’d like to bring them up to date, a hipster, a guys in a Guido Faulks mask protesting, that kinda stuff. His eyes lit up, and this my friends has been the start on my arty-farty journey.

Now, the animal masks started with me messing around colours and shapes, then, with guidance from guess who? It was realised we had an opportunity to sell the images into zoos, museums and more.

So next year I shall be creating more images and selling them from my new website http://www.ballzdupArt.com, and if we can make some money for Maurice’s charity, kith and kids, then that entrepreneurial spirit will be not have been wasted.

Watch this space.


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