PHOTOGRAPHY: Another Useless Debate

OK! Let’s get into the debate, we have another Mac vs PC, iPhone vs Android battle going on here…conventional vs mirrorless cameras.


They’re rubbish right?


Good Night.

But hold on there, lets look at what the conventional brigade are saying, and my flippant counter-arguments, just point out what pointless argument it is.

(1) Conventional mirrored cameras make a lovely sound, mirrorless don’t.

Some photographers like to be in the limelight and a clicking mirror helps that. Some photographers like to be in the shadows and grab interesting reportage shots, a silent shutter is vital.

(2) Conventional cameras weight and cost more therefore they’re manufactured to a much higher standard.

I guess some photographers like big muscles and like spending money.

(3) Conventional cameras produce a better, sharper result.

Oh please?

(4) A conventional camera makes my client feel happier and more confident in me.

More than say beautiful images at a reasonable price?

(5) Mirrorless cameras are toys.

Water resistant and drop proof toys I guess. A bit like a Tonka Toy.

(6) Conventional cameras are much more customisable which I can’t do without.

Please go learn photography again and realise how easy it is, it’s all about light you know?

(7) The autofocus on mirrorless cameras is not up to fast moving photography.

Nah, just plain wrong (usually spoken by someone who has never used one).

(8) Alright then, my Dad’s bigger than yours.


The list is endless and I despair at the attitude of these Luddites. Did you know that David Bailey once produced an entire exhibition, Alive at Night, on his Nokia N86?

David Bailey, who’s he? You ask.

The photographer with the best quote ever. ‘I always shoot with available light, that’s any fecking light that’s available.’

Back on topic, Ansel Adams once said ‘it’s not the camera but the 8 inches behind the cameras that takes a great picture.’

Now I’ve dabbled a bit with different cameras in the past 37 years of my professional photographic life.

Rollei 3.5f in my apprenticeship, then Hasselblad 500CM’s for 10 years, Linhoff Technicals and Monorails, Nikon F3’s, Canon T90’s and EOS’s, Mamiya 6×6, Fuji 617 and 6×7 and so on, but never has it ever been about the camera, ever.

I was once at a wedding as a guest, and I overheard another guest ask the photographer about his camera, a Canon something, the curt reply was just, ‘it cost £4000’, I guess the ego was extra.

No wonder photographers are seen by many as A*%eholes, that’s my opinion too actually, can’t stand the breed.

So back to mirrorless, I love my Fuji’s, the X Pro’s and the XT’s are amazing, no scrub that, they are rubbish, everything above it true.

I wouldn’t like my competitors to think I had an unfair advantage over them would I?




Every photo you see here and on my blog was taken on a two-thirds chip mirrorless camera. Oh, and my client’s love them,



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