LIFE AND TIMES: Be bold, be brave.

I am a bold kinda guy, I believe in being progressive and trying, failing and trying again.

Here’s a list of some of the worlds greatest people.

Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Jefferson



Albert Einstein

Leonardo Da Vinci

Nikola Tesl

Florence Nightingale

Sir Isaac Newton



Winston Churchill

Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Edison

Emmeline Pankhurst

Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart

Sir Francis Drake

Eleanor Roosevelt

Michael Faraday


Joan of Arc

Galileo Galilei


Charles Darwin

George Washington

Mary Wollstonecraft

Thomas Payne

William Wilberforce

Marie Curie

Alan Turin

Rosa Parks

Dalai Lama

Malala Yousafzai


Why post this? What’s my point?
Well the world is supposedly in turmoil, so we are led to believe, (no terrorist attacked reported anywhere during the US elections, funny that), those who voted Brexit and Trump are braindead, apparently.

Now don’t get me wrong on the Trump thing, I’m deeply scared about that, but it is done, move on, try and get it turned over? Like Brexit, democracy dies and worldwide revolution becomes a reality. 

The sheep have won short term, so have the puppet masters and so have the real bigots, those who love us to be subservient.

So back to the bold and brave.

We all love a rebel, our popular culture is based on people being rebellious and challenging the establishment, and we all cheer when the rebels plans finally succeed. In film Luke Skywalker, Jason Bourne, in literature Winston Smith, Tom Sawyer, in song, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, in history, all of the above names.

Nobody ever celebrated anyone who wasn’t bold and brave and progressive. Without these people, the world would have been a dead grey place, a subservient place with a population of people unwilling to progress.

I am literally staggered these days at those who think it is right NOT to challenge those in power who are clearing doing wrong to us.
To sit in the armchair and shout but do nothing. There is a word for those people.
Thankfully these people above DID NOT stop challenging and changing things and being bold and brave.
We all know that ALL politicians are liars and cheats, that is a given, but to cower to their demands, to say that it’s alright those things you do to us, to stand in line when you are told to, to accept the beatings and say ‘thank you sir may I have another’.
Because the establishment lost in Brexit and Trump, we, the great unwashed people of the world, have suddenly become racists.

Well, here’s a thing.

I was in London recently and in no other country is their such diversity. I can eat any type of food on every high street in the UK, can you say that about France or Italy?

Maybe, but probably not.

At the end of Birdcage Walk in London there are monuments for the dead of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on, those who fought next to us.
Racist? Do me a favour.
BTW, the last on the list, Malala Yousafzai, is quite possibly the most stunningly inspirational person on there. Everything right with a human being. And she’s a Pakistani living and thriving in this so called racist state.
I always wanted my children to fly not be tethered, to question not to be questioned. To be full of life and not to be a servant of money. To be bold and brave and decent. To challenge when something is wrong. To be human and not sheep ready to be slaughtered.
So my advice to you non-Brexiters and Clintoneers is to respectfully grow a pair of balls and get on with it, of course you can scream at the tv and get abusive on Facebook, call us racists, that is your right, but me…
…I’d rather be bold and brave and show guts like those above, working for the common good rather than just for myself. I would rather not cower when bullied, am I alone just like the people above were?
Seems so.
BTW, we have changed the world with Brexit and Trump, Italy and The Netherlands have already called us brave, the corrupt politicians now know the people will no longer stand for their nonsense, not just in Europe but across the world.
Good luck everyone, calm down, be positive and work together.

Or stew in the corner and let history forget you.

…your choice.


Aka Luke Skywalker, Winston Smith, Woody Guthrie 

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