LIFE AND TIMES: Worried Human Being

My blog header says ‘Worried Human Being’, that’s what I am, worried for us all, especially now.

This world of ours is shot to pieces, truly we humans are a mess, nothing is sacred, life is cheaper than it ever has been, evil people are, it seems, a stones thrown from all of us.

But I feel there is hope amongst the anger of Brexit and Trump.

Now the Brexit thing, I voted to out, and would again tomorrow, but not because of immigrants, not because I am the great unwashed or uneducated, but because we ALL need a change.

We needed to put a bat up the nighty of those we have toyed with us for far too long.

Change is good for us humans, or it has been, but alas we seem more like sheep at the moment, preferring the devil we know.

Well my friends, I think times, they are a changin’

We need a change from the greed that had been ingrained into us from birth, we need to remember that for every evil person close-by, there are ten who are not.

For me the downside of Brexit is those who think they have it right to belittle those others who vote even though they have little education, well sunshine, let me tell you, that is elitist and bigoted, and, dare I say, shows that racism cuts both ways, or were you blind to that because you are ‘educated’?
Now I’m not left or ring wing, neither appeals and it’s centre stage for me, but when it is a toss up between becoming a sheep and sidling with those in power who are clearly doing us harm, then it’s time to tackle the problem head on.

It also amuses me that the far left voted to remain in the EU en masse, the big business, manipulative corporation, faceless people they have sworn to their very being to oppose. To change it from the inside, good luck, it’s worked so well so far that the right have done it for you!

The left, I fear, I know in my heart, is now dead, it ceases to be, it is an ex-left and it has allowed the far right to mop up the mess the way they like to, in a bigoted manner with no remorse.

And here’s the thing, left wingers, WE need the right, right wingers, WE need the left, that give us the freedom to discuss (whatever that once was), it is called balance and with balance you get to decide based on logic, we get to persuade rationally, as grown ups, we are not governed by who has the biggest breasts on this years Big Brother.

One point about EU change, for seven years Canada have tried to strike a deal with the EU, but have been blocked by Apple Growers from Belgium and the like, Brexit happens, the Apple Growers pop up to block Canada at the last minute, and the EU tell them to shut the hell up (I’m guessing), and it is signed. Immediately. NOT seven years later.

So maybe, just maybe Brexit is beginning to make the EU more pliable, maybe, just maybe, they are a changin’.

Maybe the EU know we are watching.

Now onto Trump, a very dangerous man for what I can see, but he won, cleverly he knew the system, he used the media to spout, well nothing of usable substance, a good old fashion snake oil salesman. He abused most people on his way to the presidency, yeah THE PRESIDENCY! to an unbelievable, truly an unbelievable level, and he WON!

And from the Clinton supporters, the same from the EU remainers ‘who gave the rednecks the vote’, if the Trumpers are racist, then so the Clintoneer’s are too, there is no difference.

So you wonder why I’m a worried human being?

A face on telly and a big mouth will get you everything you need, and billions in cash helps, granted, but boy, ain’t that a sad state of affairs, Louis Pasteur and his kind, those we were something beyond great, must be turning in their graves.

Now we have Kanye West, hmmm…

WE let this happen, you and I, and now it is up to you and I to shake the boat a little and let the rulers of this world know that we are awake at last, at very long last, you are accountable to us, we are watching and there are billions of us, (give or take a few million human-sheep).

So Brexit and Trump, maybe, just maybe this is the start of the boat rocking, not the ideal plan I admit, but a start nevertheless.

Worried Human being?


But less so?




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