PHOTOGRAPHY: Another rainy day?

What is it with this year? I’ve shot way more wet weddings than ever before, still, I’m a pro, I don’t flap, or I don’t show it.

The thing with a pro photographer it that we don’t flap, we’ve kinda seen it all before and we know how to handle it, and the more wet weddings we pro’s do, the less we feel the need to panic.

So here we are, another beautiful wedding with a slight risk of rain.

Kseniya and Bob, the location, well, the wonderful Parley Manor


And yes it was, perfect. Perfect location, perfect couple, perfectly planned, beautifully realised, attention to detail unlike any other wedding I’d ever experienced.

Then there was the threatened rain. It hung over us like the rolling cloud of doom, not that it would spoil the day, it never does, but the threat was there.

I’d taken Leah along, Wondergirl, and we both kept staring at the sky. But then again, we needn’t have worried, the Parley Manor is well catered for.

So here we are, a few spits and spots, lots of fast moving thunder clouds which we used to our advantage, and some super shots to make the wonderful occasion really quite special.

But next week, who knows?




Photos by Leah Beavis and Jon ball




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