WRITING: Writers are business-people too

There are books in each of us, so they say, and I think that is true, I mean, if I can do it, anyone can.

Getting it published, well that’s a different story all together.

Last year I finished my first novel, Subterranean Black, and then the games began. They say that if you haven’t had 100 rejections then you are not working hard enough to promote your book, I subscribe to that, so after months and months of rejections, I self-published on Amazon.

Yes, as a first novel I made some mistakes, 200k words is more than twice the amount literary agents are comfortable with given my lack of a writing track record, and the subject matter was, perhaps, not the most popular in terms of sales, end-of-world, sci-fi, but there seems to me to be a reluctance to publish any book in today’s climate.

It might, of course be that my writing is rubbish…I’ll just let that hang.

A cynic would say that to get published you need to be either a celeb or a chef, and in part this may be true, but literary agents are businesses, they have to be profitable otherwise they cease to exist, so the path of least resistance is naturally what we human beings do.

Least effort for maximum return. No problem with that at all.

The point of this blog though is to recognise that whilst literary agents and publishers are business-people, so are us writers, therefore, when (or if) we ever get an offer, they have to realise that we too are after the best possible deal (unless, of course you write for the art of the thing).

We won’t just send them the manuscript, as I think sometimes they expect, it’ll go to everyone we can possibly find, worldwide.

Self-publishing could potentially be the beginning of the end for the traditional literary agent, or maybe not, I am no expert, but writers are making good money for themselves by going this route, being forced may be nearer the mark, but I for one would much prefer the expertise and experience they give.

So here’s the shameless plug.

My next book, The Last Breath in Williamsburg, a supernatural thriller, is there to be sold in vast quantities, it is a piece of work I am very proud of, and it is a story to be built upon.

It has also been sent to 300 literary agents and I make no apologies for that.

Because us writers have to make a living too.



The Last Breath in Williamsburg will be available from June 5th 2016.


Williamsburg Cover 3



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