HERITAGE: Digitisation for the Nation – Let’s Get Together

Museum collections are visitor attractions, yes I know it’s not surprising news, but the discerning public, the visitors who come to learn about what you have to offer have been accustom to a clean, clear commercial world and expect to have those standards of professionalism maintained when visiting a museum.

As we all know, people choose carefully where they spend their hard earned cash these days, regardless of the depth of their passion, a poorly explained, poorly shown exhibit can not only quash their passions but can dent your collections reputation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, we all know that.

Many collections have undergone the long and torturous journey in attracting new visitors and maintaining them by offering yearly passes and the like, and if we look at what once was just a typical museum cafe, for example, the emphasis to ensure food is top notch has become an obsession, and rightly so, it has become an important funding stream.

The same is true of your promotional items and your approach to making your collection accessible on-line, such as with the ss Great Britain’s Ship Plans Collection.

The look and the feel of your museum starts at your promotional items, you know the stuff, a 1000 motorway service areas are rammed with it. Make that stand out, and you’re onto a winner.

Of course, a large design agency can, and do, produce brilliant work, but there is a cost associated with this so the smaller collections are again on the back foot.

We are going to change that, through our Digitisation for the Nation programme, The Mobile Scanning Company are a launching a scheme where you, the small, independent collection joins our creative buying group, not only for digitisation of your collection, but also for design and print.

This is the simple explanation:


A small collection may consist of just 100 artefacts and could never afford to have them digitised cost effectively, the quantity is very much cost prohibitive, however, imagine if 10 collections each with 100 items gang together, naturally the unit price reduces.

Through Digitisation for the Nation, imagine if we run that scheme for the whole year and we set a quantity, speculate, that we will be producing 10000 scans for that entire year, and set that price accordingly.

All a collection then need do is to contact us jon@mobilescanning.co.uk, and add their quantity and fix a date to digitise within that year.

Imagine if a large group of museums adopt Digitisation for the Nation for their entire membership, someone like The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) or the like, or a local council collections officer responsible for 30 or 40 museums in their territory.

Imagine if one of our larger clients has a digitisation of 50000 scans alone and allows the smaller collections to piggy back, simply they all win.

Photography, Design and Print

Imagine if we then include interior photography, design and print into that programme. Each small collection receives cost effective design and print and interior photography, cheaper than anywhere else, all through economies of scale.

It’s an easy concept, the challenge is to make people accept that co-operation can bring massive benefits, and that it may, just may, help the smaller guys survive.


www.solidimagery.co.uk    www.mobilescanning.co.uk


Vatican Museum Exit, Rome
DSCF6732 3
The Grand Altar, St Peter’s Basilica, Rome
Vatican Museum, Rome
Vatican Museum, Rome
Vatican Museum, Rome
DSCF6535 3

Vatican Museum, Rome
St Peter’s Basilica, Rome
The Grand Altar, St Peter’s Basilica, Rome
The Collesium, Rome
The Pathenon, Rome
DSCF6245 2-Edit
Vatican Museum, Rome







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