PHOTOGRAPHY: The Blustery Wedding and the New Phot

The day was a blustery one, the location, Sopley Mill, is a perfect, beautiful location, stylish and picturesque, but the day was a blustery one.

Not that it truly bothered the guests, there is plenty to do inside, and there are plenty of places to create some lovely images, it was just the photographers who were worrying about it, we wanted to get outside and create images showing the beauty of the place.

So in a gale strong enough to get the Bamburgh lifeboat out and in a darkness only experienced by the back end of the Hubble Space Telescope, we coaxed Claire and Anthony out for the briefest of times.

Now this is were I would have been unable to cope had it not been for my wonderful new assistant, Leah. First time wedding, third time professional shoot, pack horse, barker of commands, a bright shining light and effective at stopping things blowing off into the void as Sherpa Tensing’s grappling hook.

With her invaluable assistance we managed to cobble together a few hurried shots.

Mind you, it didn’t stop there, I’d armed Leah with the Nikon, the D800E, which at one point seemed bigger than her, but what she produced was, in some instances, sublime.

Most images here are mine, but some are Leahs and I dare you to spot the difference, (the difference between a 2 month and a 35 year career), which I have to point out, I am truly delighted about.

She will go far, I have always been sure, but to produce work of such high quality on her first outing, and in such difficult conditions, is simply remarkable. Incidentally, Leah is blogging her progress as a fledgling photographer, catch this here,

Enjoy these photos, it was a tough job but a rewarding one on many different levels.





The actually Leah Beavis


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