LIFE AND TIMES: When the world seems not to care

This is a heartfelt blog, and painful, but hopefully an uplifting blog.

I wrote recently about my friend, Daisy, my dog and her imminent death, well that was almost 3 months ago now, my she was a battler, I use the word was, because yesterday at midday she lost her battle and the man with the big needle helped her on her way.

Nothing else matters now, I am void of part of my soul, the gap in our lives, not even 24 hours later, is immeasurable and the sorrow so, so deep I’m not sure I’ll recover, so deep was the bond between the two of us.

And boy it hurts. The silence around here hurts more than the loss of this wonderful animal.

Yes she was suffering and it took just a little over 24 hours for her to be able to walk, then not, and I had to place her comfortably next to my bed on a mound of pillows, but it was still my decision to end a life, her life, a massive part of our lives.

I tended her to the very end, telephoned the vet at 07.30 on a Sunday morning and just lay with Daisy, stroking her, for two hours, until they arrived, it was the very least I could do, it was the debt I had to repay her, the days and nights we spent together during an awful time in my life, when I only had Daisy with me.

So now, with the silence killing me, and the tears ready to flow at the slightest vision of her face in my head, the point of this blog.


My friends.

Thank you for the kind words, it seems as though many of you have been through this, many of you feel the pain, the loss, the utter despair, it is not like losing a loved one, it is losing a loved one, and the thoughts and love and just plain understanding you have shown is so important in this world where nobody seems to care anymore.

Thank you all.




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