PHOTOGRAPHY: Willow and the Wait

This is Willow, a three week old little cutey.

And like three week old little cuties, they eat and they sleep and they poop, all of which adds considerable time to photographing them.

There was once a time when as a professional photographer you’d try and talk your way out of taking photos of babies that young because the shoot took forever, but now, with the emergence of the dedicated baby photographer and their fellow hangers on, the baby wrangler, yes they do exist,, no longer are we able to use the ‘lights may hurt their poor little eyes’ line.

A guaranteed and approved method of persuading the parents to forget the whole idea until the little cuties have grown eyes (or something).

Nowadays, of course, we cannot be so bold, we accept all work as professionals and we get on with it, or at least some of us do.

Now here’s the message.

Don’t turn work down for such a daft reason, regardless, and if you do, make sure you have a million reasons to; I was forced to recently, the job was 3 hours drive away and was therefore not financially viable, but it hurt like hell coming to that decision.

Why not turn work down? It is your right, right?

Well the answer is simple, some other bugger will snap it up, and there are more of them now than there has ever been, hell, some might even do it free to ‘build up their portfolio’, then, if you let them, they’ll be in the frame forever more.

Imagine Willow, three weeks old, if I turned this kind of business down, where would I be when she had her first birthday? her 18th? her 21st? her wedding day?

Nowhere would be the answer.

Now I know this is the extreme and I have over egged the pudding to illustrate, but take that attitude to a multinational corporation, do you really want to let others into your business world because you’d rather stay in bed a little longer and maybe catch the last of the fighting poor on Jeremy Kyle?

No, thought not.

But back to Willow.

We waited for a feed to settle her, then she was sick, then she cried, then another feed, then a poo, then another cry, and a belch, then after a long, long wait she settled for a few minutes for us to get the shots.

Before she was hungry again and needed to pee (down her Father actually).

But it was a lovely shoot, nice and relaxed and happy, and if you don’t want to be nice and relaxed and happy in your photographic day, then please, just stay in bed and watch Jeremy Kyle.

And we’ll steal your business while you do.


DSCF1305Rachel and FamilyWillow2015-0017Willow2015-0005Willow2015-0028


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