PHOTOGRAPHY: Rain starts play

This is what we get payed for ain’t it?

Anyone can take photos, we all take photos, but we take photos in all weathers, consistently, happily sometimes, at least in the rain there’s none of that squinting malarkey the sun creates.

This was Helen and Ryan’s day, a wet windy, blowy, muddy, drizzly kind of day, their wedding day, the day they had hoped to avoid.

But did it spoil it?

In the Coronation Street manner, ‘did it heck as like?’.

The wedding was held just outside Wallingford in Oxfordshire, a place called the Shillingford Bridge Hotel, right by the banks of Old Father Thames, not that we saw much of him, he was away in the drizzle, but the wedding itself was a belter.

The shortest ceremony known to man, ‘do you’ ‘yes’ ‘and you?’ ‘yes’ ‘loverly, sign here’, was followed by the biggest party known to man, and never could the celebration be for a nicer couple. Helen, as mad as a box of frogs, and Ryan happy to watch his bride dance and dance and dance.

From the 10 hours plus we attended the wedding, we saw the outside for no more than 20 minutes, I kid you not, the weather was that atrocious, but with our careful planning, a truck (see Smart Car) full of equipment to cover every eventuality, we nailed it from the warmth and with the bank of large windows we at least got to capture that there was indeed an outside after all.

A happy time, a lovely couple with lovely families, great guests, great food, a room full of laughter, the best band ever…

…I would class the day as a total success.



HelenRyan15-0093HelenRyan15-0099HelenRyan15-0163HelenRyan15-0405HelenRyan15-0221HelenRyan15-0237HelenRyan15-0281HelenRyan15-0397HelenRyan15-0569HelenRyan15-0315HelenRyan15-0546 HelenRyan15-0555 HelenRyan15-0548 HelenRyan15-0452 HelenRyan15-0466 HelenRyan15-0518

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