LIFE AND TIMES: Million Mask March, London

There were old, there were young, there was fit and there was the infirm, there were those who have never seen trouble in their lives and there were those who looked out for it, there was good, that is in no doubt, and lots of it, and there were those who were there because they just could.

They were us, and this was the Million Mask March in London.

I, being the least political person I know, was caught in it. I had been on an assignment elsewhere when the first Guido masks appeared, around 2pm. When was the march? I asked, 6pm was the answer, I should be finished at 4pm, I’ll hang around, I decided.

And boy I’m glad I did, I saw this, I saw these people, these ordinary people, these kids, these Grandma’s and Grandad’s, the Fathers and Mothers, the couples holding hands, the people in wheelchairs, I saw those who had just left work to show their support and I saw thousands of them, they posed for me, and thanked me with a thumbs up, mostly what I saw was those that have said enough of this shit, time for change.

It was uplifting, truly it was, loud, yes, frightening at times? certainly, exhilarating? oh yes. 

Is there anything to fear from this mob, this group who call themselves Anonymous? In my opinion, no, they are ordinary people like you and me, unless of course you do wrong, like the Klu Klux Klan for example, a group who, it is clear, have very wrong intent and who Anonymous have decided to take apart.

So try not to dismiss these people as the bastards who slowed the Internet down, or the idiots in the masks, because they are you and me, and they are helping you and me, or at least trying.

With the police horses baying and the helicopters circling and the police not really bothered either way, the people spoke, just briefly, just for a bit.

I was so glad I’d hung around, would have been kicking myself if I’d decided to go, just purely on photographic grounds, but I got the story and it showed me just what decent ordinary people can do together, this community of ours is very special, the global community is awesome and it filled me with one long lasting thing.



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