PHOTOGRAPHY: An interesting Pre-Wedding Shoot

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a place in the year for Halloween, truly there is, what frankly would Michael Myers do without his 15 minutes of fame once a year?

But I thought something was up when Claire and Anthony asked to arrange their Pre-Wedding portrait on Halloween night, 7pm, just before a trip to the pub.

Now it wasn’t even one of those ‘Leah and I are going to be sacrificed on an alter of give away sweeties in the hallway’, but something was definitely up, this wasn’t, after all, Boscombe (sorry Boscombe).

What greeted us was a nurse, not unsurprisingly as Claire is a nurse, but a nurse of the undead, or something. Anthony was a man, a man with his face peeled off.

Best man, Mario, was a kind of cross-dresser for the evening, part, ahem Mario, part lunatic with a knife and a hammer.

It couldn’t have been any less like a Pre-Wedding shoot if it tried, there was gurning and growling and staring like a zombie and gnashing of teeth, there were severed limbs (fake and made of rubber I hope), there was blood and gore.

Come to think of it, I have experienced some weddings like this down the years.

Armed with a pair of studio lights and a knee which had had and arthroscopy three days earlier, (it’s called dedication), we set up in the living room and began to snap away, but it quickly become apparent that the usual twin light approach was a little too, well clean, so switching to a single flash setup with a brolly added just a little bit more atmosphere to the shoot, I wanted it dark and gloomy with long shadows, not light and fluffy.

Here are some of the results, some from me, some from Leah.

Let’s hope that next months wedding at Sopley Mill is much less frightening but just as much fun.


Photos Jon Ball and Leah Beavis


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