PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah and Darren nothing but laughter

This was another of those times where the dial was set for a fun wedding, Sarah and Darren and their multitude of smiling guests delivered.

Held at Bournemouth Registery Office on the hottest day of the weekend (possibly) with the reception held mainly on the balcony in the sunshine at Iford Golf Club, this happy bunch started celebrating early.

Sarah looked beautiful and whilst understandably nervous soon found her voice once she found herself standing next to the ever dependable Darren.

After the ceremony I then tussled with the bright, bright light and tried desperately not to get a series of photos containing squinting people, we do as photographers, of course, need to consider that our images are there for evermore and whilst it is easy to cut corners, especially seeing as humans like to hurry other humans up, we have to do our best to make decisions quickly and get it right, the future ramifications if we don’t are catastrophic in terms of producing a quality product and for maintaining our hard earned reputation.

The case in question here was that once I had carefully placed a group in the mottled shadow of a tree I spotted a beautiful hotspot of sunlight hitting a bridesmaid squarely in the face, two options (1) take the shot and sort it in Photoshop, or (2) move the group.

I moved the group to a series of well intended moans, but the problem was solved.

Back to the wedding, Sarah and Darren agreed to weaving through some traffic and into the park opposite, next to the War Memorial where, apparently, so I am told by my friend Chris Moss, that if you introduce some water, or milk or something, to the sculptures of the lions, they drink it, I don’t know about that, I didn’t have a chance to test it.

We got some nice shots, contre jour, on the bridge with side fill in from my SB900 on a tripod triggered with my brilliant Pocketwizards.

Back to the reception and it was time to party, but because of the very bright conditions I also struggled with my signature wide-open, shallow depth of field style, I never shoot at 2000th of a second, ever.

The party was one of those moments in time that capture you, one of those times you don’t really forget. Both Sarah and Darren have a great many very close friends who were obviously delighted to be celebrating with them, the speeches contained much talk of the stag do, you may have seen it, the video went viral, and contains the fox (Darren), being chased by the hounds (the others).

Then, unexpectedly, it was announced that their friends had paid for a honeymoon for the couple and that everything was in place for them to just go.

It was quite, quite moving and very humbling.

So again, here we are, another successful day at the office for me at another lovely wedding.


It is announced that the couples friend have just paid for a surprise honeymoon

Sarah-Darren-0053 Sarah-Darren-0080 Sarah-Darren-0085 Sarah-Darren-0104 Sarah-Darren-0117 Sarah-Darren-0131 Sarah-Darren-0156  Sarah-Darren-0160 Sarah-Darren-0163 Sarah-Darren-0171 Sarah-Darren-0175 Sarah-Darren-0182 Sarah-Darren-0206 Sarah-Darren-0225 Sarah-Darren-0251 Sarah-Darren-0263 Sarah-Darren-0279 Sarah-Darren-0289 Sarah-Darren-0301 Sarah-Darren-0354   Sarah-Darren-0374

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