PHOTOGRAPHY: Kim and Ian – A Lesson in Fun

There were many reasons to photograph this wedding other than financially (which for me is always secondary), firstly, there was Kim and Ian, a lovely couple, then, secondly, there was Kim and Ian, very much in love and as mad as a box of frogs.

Then there was the location, The Guildhall in Poole with its wonderfully ornate interior and plenty of available light, then, of course, those beautiful curved concrete stairs, just perfect for a sweeping group or two, and a confetti shot to die for.

This was the wedding day of Kim and Ian, as relaxed and as happy as ever a wedding can be.

I’d been booked to take a few shots at the Bride’s leaving location which was as calm as calm could be, until the champers came out and the laughing started, laughing? I hear you cry, laughing?

Yes, this wedding was one of those occasions when, what should always be a day of laughter, really was. Kim with her entourage of laughing friends, a closer bunch of giggling ladies you’ll never find. Then there was Kai, Kim’s Grandson, a handsome young lad armed with a Nerf gun and the ability to plant one into my face from a hundred yards, just at the least appropriate time.

Then there was the carefree abuse of time, it ticked away with the bouts of champers fueled laughter, but why not? It’s a wedding, Kim’s wedding, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

The service, when it happened, was another one of those relaxed and happy occasions with Kim and Ian giggling like a couple of naughty schoolchildren, which was a delight to photograph, Weegee the Famous, renowned New York Photographer said about people, ‘you just have to wait the briefest of moments for something to happen’ and that was never truer than when photographing Kim and Ian and their Guests.

Often I stand there with a camera fixed to my eye waiting and waiting, waiting for that expression, that wink or that smile, something that just lifts the excitement-o-meter enough for me t0 take the shot.

But here, I was never waiting, in fact, I was spoiled and couldn’t always keep up with the smiling and the laughing and the frivolity, it was that type of wedding.

The reception, held at the Antelope Inn in Poole was where the party really started, the wine flowed and beer was spilled, and the dancing shook the building to its foundations.

And here we are, another set of photos which, we have been told with a wow (Kim’s words), which we think convey the day and the couple at their very best.


KimIan-0003 KimIan-0017 KimIan-0028 KimIan-0108 KimIan-0053 KimIan-0045 KimIan-0112 KimIan-0140 KimIan-0195 KimIan-0187  KimIan-0164 KimIan-0222 KimIan-0208 KimIan-0254  KimIan-0228 KimIan-0287KimIan-0267   KimIan-0320 KimIan-0368  KimIan-0382 KimIan-0553  KimIan-0490

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